You need to install our CA certificate. To do that:

  1. Download this. This file contains CA-Certificate of MSKU.
  2. Now, you can install it. But the installation process has differences for different browsers.
    • Firefox:
      • First double click the file that you downloaded in the first step.
      • In the address bar of Firefox, type about:config to display the list of current configuration options (If it warns you, click the I accept the risk! button).
      • In the Search field, type negotiate to filter the list of options.
      • Double-click the network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris entry to display the Enter string value dialog box.
      • Enter the name of the domain against which you want to authenticate. in this specific case;
      • You are ready.
    • Chrome/Opera:
      • Open up the Settings window in the browser.
        • for Chrome: Click the menu button with the Customize and control Google Chrome tooltip, which is by default in the top right-hand corner of Chrome, and click Settings.
        • for Opera: Click the menu button which is by default in the top left-hand corner of Opera, and click Settings.
      • Open Show advanced settings to display more options
        • for Opera: Click Privacy & security before next steps.
      • Click the Manage certificates button located under the HTTPS/SSL heading.
      • In the Authorities tab, click the Import button at the bottom.
      • Select the CA certificate file that you downloaded in the first step.
    • Internet Explorer:
      • PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS BROWSER. Because IE is not supported browser.
Tags: setup